AKA: The Cook

Emily is one of our junior artists, she is a naturally gifted tattoo artist and a quick learner which shows in her rapid growth in the industry.

She has a strong background with digital art after studying game design at university. This really comes through in her tattoo creation and application which helps to turn your tattoo ideas in to reality.

If you fancy a portrait of your favourite pet or a pretty jewel design then Emily is your woman. She absolutely loves doing them and is quickly making a name for herself with her trademark designs.

If you would prefer some black and grey realism, Emily’s got you covered on that front as well. Take a look at her Instagram page and you’ll see what I mean.

  • She LOVES Animals (Especially Cats).
  • She is very lovely.
  • She is obsessed with Bruce Willis.
  • She is a great cook.
  • She is a girl gamer.

Click here for Emily’s Instagram Page.