Studio Manager

AKA: IT Support

Luke is here to make the place tick. His background is in hospitality and retail where he has honed his customer service skills over a number years.

Luke takes care of the studio diary for each of the 4 artists, managing all the bookings and enquiries that come through all of our social media channels.

Luke is the first face you will see when you enter our studio and the last person to see when you leave. “Cup of Tea? Chocolate bar? Back massage?” These are just a few of the things you will hear from Luke’s mouth as you’re getting tattooed. He’s here to help and make you feel both comfortable and cared for to make sure your GDTS experience is the best it can possibly be.

Interesting facts
  • Luke loves Marvel (maybe a bit too much)
  • He once won an award and tells everyone about it.
  • He loves eating cheese boards.
  • He shares Robs love for Kurt Russell (fully embraces it).